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Find the best and brightest scientists and researchers in biomed areas

PostDoc.com is the premier solution for recruiting scientists and researchers in biomedical fields. Our mission is to help recruit the best and brightest scientists for biomed research organizations and provide scientists with information and resources for their careers in science, whether it is in academia, government or industry.

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Reach a large number of potentially qualified candidates

Through our career network sites, employers can reach a large number of qualified candidates. PostDoc.com is part of AmeriCareers.com network which includes:

  • ScienceJobs.org -- the premier solution for recruiting science faculty and research scientists worldwide. It advertises all science related positions in academia, government or industry.
  • PostdocJobs.com -- the first and # 1 career site to recruit postdoctoral fellows and researchers.
  • UniversityJobs.com -- The leading job board for college and university faculty and staff recruitment.

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Effective Solution for Science Recruitment

PostDoc.com offers a comprehensive platform and tool for employers to recruit scientists. Employers can advertise their jobs and manage their jobs and applications online. Job seekers can apply for jobs through our website, save their dossier and track their applications.

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